Twitter Still Buzzing After ATT Renames Cowboys Stadium

The Newly Renamed AT&T Stadium of the Dallas Cowboys

The Newly Renamed AT&T Stadium of the Dallas Cowboys

On July 25, 2013, Twitter was buzzing about the renaming of the Dallas Cowboys Stadium to AT&T Stadium. When you bring together one of the world’s largest telecommunications carriers and arguably the most valuable NFL football franchise, there’s bound to be heads turning and fingers typing away on Twitter posts. That’s exactly what happened.

Hundreds of Tweets have been flying in every second from sports fans and commentators, ATT customers, news media people and your basic “I tweet and comment about everything” people.

Here are a few of the comments that came in recently about AT&T Stadium announcement:

Cowboys Stadium to be renamed AT&T Stadium. Owner Jerry Jones wants the complex to be “more familiar than the White House.”

Peter ‏@PeterAghyarian 

I guess from now on #Cowboys stadium is called AT&T stadium. Nice match! Neither cowboys or att get receptions. #DallasCowboys #NFL

Raise ur hand if u have an emotional attachment to Jerryworld, I mean the Death Star, I mean Cowboy Stadium, I mean AT&T Stadium. #crickets

Sources: AT&T Stadium naming rights deal with the Cowboys is worth an avg of in between $17M and $19M a year.


What do you think of this deal? Let’s hear from the fans…


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