Making Fun of Social Media with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and More

Vintage Social Networking cartoon -

Vintage Social Networking cartoon –

One way to get people’s attention in the social media business is to draw a cartoon about it. If your cartoon happens to be making fun of all the top social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Skype, Instagram, Foursquare, WordPress, Reddit, and any others, it will be a hit. This particular cartoon made its debut a few years ago and it’s still making the rounds in social media posts, walls and photos. What’s your favorite item in this cartoon??? We’d love to hear your opinion. And, if you create your own social media cartoon, send it to us. We’d love to feature it on our homepage.


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Posted On 22 Oct 2013

Apple CEO, Tim Cook, Joins Twitter on iPhone 5S and 5C Release Day

Apple CEO Joins Twitter -

Apple CEO Joins Twitter –

It’s official! Apple CEO, Tim Cook, creates his first Twitter account to kick off the releases of the new iPhone 5S and 5C. Mr. Cook’s first tweet is as follows: “Visited Retail Stores in Palo Alto today. Seeing so many happy customers reminds us of why we do what we do.” – @tim_cook.

It’s amazing that Mr.Cook didn’t have a Twitter account previously, but it was great timing on his part. Within the first few hours of joining Twitter more than 70,000 people logged on and followed him. His Twitter account states: CEO Apple, Fan of Auburn football and Duke basketball.

Will you be following him on Twitter too? What would you like to see him tweet?


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Posted On 20 Sep 2013

Pinterest To Test Advertisement Pins – Awaiting Your Comments

Pinterest -

Pinterest –

In a recent letter sent to all of their members, Pinterest explained that they want to be a profitable company and be here for years to come. You knew this was coming and no one should be shocked. It should all be taken in and accepted. Pinterest (launched March 2010) has grown very rapidly over the past few years.  Pinterest had more than 11.7 million unique users as of January 2012 and became the fastest site in history to break through the 10 million unique visitor mark. According to ComScore’s most recent numbers as of February 2013, Pinterest had 48.7 million users globally. So, now their business needs some help to keep things moving along nicely. After all, you’ve been pinning your wishlists and photos for free, right? If a few promoted pins start showing up, it could offer even more ideas. Here’s a copy of the most recent letter sent to its users in case you didn’t read it or receive it.

Just over a year ago, my wife and I welcomed our son into the world. Since his first day, I’ve been pinning fun things we can do together, right now while he’s still littleand later when he gets older. I know many of you do the same. Pinterest is where you keep your wishlists, vacation plans, dream home ideas, and other things you want to do soon and in the future.That’s why for us, it’s so important that Pinterest is a service that will be here to stay. To help make sure it does, we’re going to start experimenting with promoting certain pins from a select group of businesses.

I know some of you may be thinking, “Oh great…here come the banner ads.” But we’re determined to not let that happen. While we haven’t figured out all the details, I can say that promoted pins will be:

  • Tasteful—No flashy banners or pop-up ads.
  • Transparent—We’ll always let you know if someone paid for what you see, or where you see it.
  • Relevant—These pins should be about stuff you’re actually interested in, like a delicious recipe, or a jacket that’s your style.
  • Improved based on your feedback—Keep letting us know what you think, and we’ll keep working to make things better.


For our first test, we’ll promote a few pins in search results and category feeds. For example, a pin for a Darth Vader outfit from a costume shop might be promoted in a search for “halloween.” Nobody’s paying for anything yet—we want to see how things go and, more than anything, hear what you think.

Thanks so much for all your support these first few years, and we hope you’ll keep pinning with us for many years to come!

All the best, 

SO, there you have it people. What do you think of Pinterest’s new move to keep their site growing and moving to the next level? Will you continue to be a pinner? Please comment below…

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Posted On 20 Sep 2013

7 Tumblr Tips for Photographers

By Harrison Jacobs

Tumblr gets a lot of flack from photographers. Like Pinterest, it is seen as the bane of true photographers; a place where images get shared without credit (gasp!). As a social media network, it is one of the most powerful. It boasts over 108 million blogs on every sort of topic imaginable. The reason to be on Tumblr is its highly engaged community. Posts are shared, reblogged, liked and commented on with great frequency.Unlike other blogging platforms that act primarily on the media side of the phrase “social media,” Tumblr throws focuses on the social. For this reason, Tumblr is a great way to build your web presence quickly. For photographers, using Tumblr can get more eyeballs on your website and show potential clients that you are tech and social media savvy.To get started on Tumblr, check out this how-to. Once you’re set up, here are seven tips to help you Tumblr like a pro, while growing your photographic brand.

1. Use Photos
Unsurprisingly, Tumblr is a visual medium. Think of it like a Twitterized version of WordPress. You can share any type of content that you want including text, photos, quotes, links, chat, audio or video. However, the most shared and liked content is photos. According to Dan Zarella at Hubspot, 83 percent of Tumblr posts are photo posts. Are you starting to see why Tumblr is so powerful for photographers? Most users do not create their own content. They share it. And what do they share? Photos. By becoming a content creator and adding your original photographs to the content pool, you are already a leader among Tumblr users. Let’s let Zarella drive this point home. Here are two more findings from his study on Tumblr:

Tumblr Photo Stats -

Tumblr Photo Stats –

For more info click here.

Posted On 24 Jul 2013

Is Justin Bieber The King of Social Media?

There are millions of statistics about the entertainment industry and social media, but when the two cross over, amazing things can happen.

Justin Bieber -

Justin Bieber –

Take Justin Bieber for an example. He’s probably one of the most widely known young pop music stars on the planet, right? Justin and his business entourage have done a lot of good things to grow his career, but social media may have played the biggest role. Justin knows that its his young female fans that have helped him get where he is today. Without them tweeting, liking, posting, instagraming and commenting on a daily basis, he might not have as big a career. Let’s take a look at Justin Bieber’s social media numbers and how that compares to other top celebs.


Justin’s Twitter Followers: over 41,800,000

Justin’s Facebook Likes: over 55,700,000

Justin’s YouTube Subscribers: over 5, 200,000

According to stats, Justin’s top 3 distribution of Facebook fans comes from United States at 15.4%, Indonesia at 11% and India at 11%.

Justin has been on  Twitter since 2009. Over the past four years, has sent out over 22,000 tweets. That averages out to over 400 tweets per month or more tan 14 tweets per day.  Consistency has certainly paid off with an astounding Twitter fanbase of more than 41 million followers. That number put him ahead of Katy Perry and Lady Gaga by more than 2.5 million followers. He gains more 1.4 million new Twitter followers every month. These numbers put Justin at the top of the heap making him the King of  Twitter celebs!

Here’s the Top 5 Twitter Celebrities according to

1. Justin Bieber- 41,833,000+

2. Katy Perry- 39,296,000+

3. Lady Gaga- 39,128,000+

4. Taylor Swift- 30,787,000+

5. Rihanna- 30,551,000+


However, Justin is lacking the numbers on Facebook to make him number one. Without much of a surprise, Rihanna has secured her spot as the Queen of Facebook Likes.

The Top 6 Facebook Celebrities according to

1. Rihanna- 73, 926,000+

2. Eminem- 73, 137,000+

3. Shakira- 66,797,000+

4. Michael Jackson- 61,203,000+

5. Lady Gaga- 58,274,000+

6. Justin Bieber- 55,717,00+

Do you think the order of these celebrity likes will continue or will someone else be moving up the charts?

What do you think will happen?

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Posted On 04 Jul 2013

Food Celebrity Videos Can Help You Cook A Meal

Running out of ideas to cook a meal? Lacking in the culinary area when it comes to meal time? Don’t worry, we have the answer: YouTube.

Many moms and yes, chefs to be, are now turning to YouTube for cooking ideas and step-by-step instructions on how to create your next delicious meal. One of the most famous chefs in the world, and currently has a popular TV series, is Chef Gordon Ramsay.

Chef Ramsay is a master of meals and can turn something simple into the most delicious thing you’ve ever tasted. Why? Experience! If you’d like to give some of his recipes a try, here are some videos we highly recommend.

Gordon Ramsay’s Scrambled Eggs


Chef Ramsay Cooks Tandoori Halibut

Chef Ramsay Creates a Delicious Broccoli Soup

Gordon Ramsay’s Salmon Recipe


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Posted On 03 Jun 2013

Interior Design Ideas – Pinterest is the Answer!

Interior Designs Ideas -

Interior Designs Ideas –

If you’re looking for ideas to help you improve the look of your home, we’ve got the answer: Pinterest!

If you want to get really creative, take about 30 minutes out of your day and starting combing through the tens of thousands of photos on home decor.

There are all sorts of ideas that artists, architects and designers have come up with on bookcases, wall hangings, couches, chairs, wallpaper, ceiling fans and lights that will blow you away.

To give you a little bit of a head start we’ve done some of the legwork for you and have highlighted several Pinterst page links. After going through them, please stop back at our site and drop us a comment. We’d love to hear what you found. Enjoy!

Popular Pinterest Links:

  1. Miranda Partridge’s Spaces:
  2. Caroline Loane’s Random House:
  3. Maren Rowand’s My Dream House:
  4. Horizon You Photography’s Home & Interior:
  5. Blair Binion’s For the Home:

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Posted On 03 Apr 2013