Music Celebrities Are Growing Fast on Facebook

Rihanna -

Rihanna –

The definition of a celebrity is: a famous or well-known person.  There are also many different categories of a celebrity such as: TV, movie, music, sports, political, Internet, YouTube, and so on. However, when it comes to the fastest growing celebrity segment on Facebook, music celebs kick butt. Looking at the top 10 celebrities with the most fans, 9 out 10 are from the music world. The only one not in music was Chistiano Ronaldo, the famous soccer player. Here’s the list:

1). Rihanna – 73,926,000+ fans

2). Eminem – 73,137,000+ fans

3). Shakira – 66,797,000+ fans

4). Michael Jackson – 61,251,000+ fans

5). Christiano Ronaldo – 59,184,000+ fans

6).  Lady Gaga – 58,274,000+ fans

7). Justin Bieber – 55,717,000+ fans

8). Katy Perry – 55,219,000+ fans

9). Linkin Park – 55,185,000+ fans

10). Beyonce – 49,232,000+ fans

However, the hottest celebrity on Facebook right now did not make it into the Top 10. He’s currently at number 15 and rising quickly. That celeb is music legend, Bob Marley at #15 with 45,034,000. His Facebook page is gaining more than 77,000 fans every day according to the Social Bakers site.

His music is now seeing a major revival. Yeah mon!

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Posted On 15 Jul 2013

Is Justin Bieber The King of Social Media?

There are millions of statistics about the entertainment industry and social media, but when the two cross over, amazing things can happen.

Justin Bieber -

Justin Bieber –

Take Justin Bieber for an example. He’s probably one of the most widely known young pop music stars on the planet, right? Justin and his business entourage have done a lot of good things to grow his career, but social media may have played the biggest role. Justin knows that its his young female fans that have helped him get where he is today. Without them tweeting, liking, posting, instagraming and commenting on a daily basis, he might not have as big a career. Let’s take a look at Justin Bieber’s social media numbers and how that compares to other top celebs.


Justin’s Twitter Followers: over 41,800,000

Justin’s Facebook Likes: over 55,700,000

Justin’s YouTube Subscribers: over 5, 200,000

According to stats, Justin’s top 3 distribution of Facebook fans comes from United States at 15.4%, Indonesia at 11% and India at 11%.

Justin has been on  Twitter since 2009. Over the past four years, has sent out over 22,000 tweets. That averages out to over 400 tweets per month or more tan 14 tweets per day.  Consistency has certainly paid off with an astounding Twitter fanbase of more than 41 million followers. That number put him ahead of Katy Perry and Lady Gaga by more than 2.5 million followers. He gains more 1.4 million new Twitter followers every month. These numbers put Justin at the top of the heap making him the King of  Twitter celebs!

Here’s the Top 5 Twitter Celebrities according to

1. Justin Bieber- 41,833,000+

2. Katy Perry- 39,296,000+

3. Lady Gaga- 39,128,000+

4. Taylor Swift- 30,787,000+

5. Rihanna- 30,551,000+


However, Justin is lacking the numbers on Facebook to make him number one. Without much of a surprise, Rihanna has secured her spot as the Queen of Facebook Likes.

The Top 6 Facebook Celebrities according to

1. Rihanna- 73, 926,000+

2. Eminem- 73, 137,000+

3. Shakira- 66,797,000+

4. Michael Jackson- 61,203,000+

5. Lady Gaga- 58,274,000+

6. Justin Bieber- 55,717,00+

Do you think the order of these celebrity likes will continue or will someone else be moving up the charts?

What do you think will happen?

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Posted On 04 Jul 2013