Hillary Clinton Sticks with Facebook Twitter and YouTube

Hillary_2016_Presidential_RaceOkay, the big 2016 presidential announcement is now officially in the books. Hillary Clinton is running for President in 2016. When the announcement took place, her staff posted a two-minute video to introduce her campaign and posted it on social media for the world to absorb it. A+ for effort and attention grabbing. After watching the video, people who are interested in learning more about Mrs. Clinton went to her website at www.hillaryclinton.com. Her website asks for your email address and zip code to join her on her journey. If you wanted to follow her through social media you probably also noticed the Facebook, Twitter and YouTube icons to the middle right of her website’s homepage. It looks like she’s sticking with the top three social media avenues and did not include: Pinterest, Google+ or Instagram. Does that mean that the other social media networks are not big enough or good enough to include in a presidential campaign? What about LinkedIn where millions of  U.S. business people congregate on a daily basis? Maybe there will be something included on these other social networks in the future, but for now she’s sticking with the big ones.


Do you think Hillary and other Presidential candidates should be promoting their campaigns on other social media networks as well? What do you think?

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Posted On 12 Apr 2015

Making Fun of Social Media with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and More

Vintage Social Networking cartoon - SocialMediaTAB.com

Vintage Social Networking cartoon – SocialMediaTAB.com

One way to get people’s attention in the social media business is to draw a cartoon about it. If your cartoon happens to be making fun of all the top social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Skype, Instagram, Foursquare, WordPress, Reddit, and any others, it will be a hit. This particular cartoon made its debut a few years ago and it’s still making the rounds in social media posts, walls and photos. What’s your favorite item in this cartoon??? We’d love to hear your opinion. And, if you create your own social media cartoon, send it to us. We’d love to feature it on our homepage.


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Posted On 22 Oct 2013

It’s Social Media Shark Week!

Social Media Organization

Social Media Organization

With social media you might feel trapped in a shark tank. You’re slowly sinking to the bottom; drowning in posts, accounts, passwords, websites ext.  But you don’t have to be intimidated by social media anymore! It’s time to organize the mess we have on scratch pieces of paper all over our desk into one easy time-saving document. I explain a way to organize accounts with Excel and offer a few easy ideas for you non-Excel lovers out there.

How to organize your social media accounts fast, easy and FREE!

1)      Locate each and every one of your accounts. You know where they are; In the bottom of your purse, in a spiral, on a coffee stained napkin, in your car, at your desk. Find as many as you can, with my organizational workbook you can update these sheets anytime, anywhere.


2)      Please Click on the following to access my Excel Workbook.

Border Organizational Worksheet



My GoogleDocs account, the workbook I uploaded is open to the public. Please save to your own GoogleDocs account and edit as you see fit.

In the Organizational Workbook there’s the following…

1st Sheet- Social Media Accounts, pretty easy.

2nd Sheet- is my ‘Toolbox’, I’ll dive into my toolbox for SEO purposes. For example, you see neighborsgo.com (great for posting events, everyone votes and the highest rated is published in the paper)

3rd Sheet- this my top secret website info put your top secret info there instead.

Side note: Keeping these passwords in one place saves time. I don’t have to pull up my email, look through papers, and have my password resent to me because I forgot it. You know you’ve done it too…

3)      Replace my info with yours. Furthermore, you can have a different sheet for each client. At work I have 20 different clients at once, all with different Twitter, Blogger, Facebook and a ton more accounts. Each sheet can be labeled with client names and your username and passwords.

Remember to save my workbook to your Googledocs and edit anywhere.

Ok, so you don’t like my Excel Workbook, try these…

Cool desktop organizer for social media and clients

Virtual post-its to organize your desktop icons. This is a great idea, and it’s really fun and motivational. Upon contact, Lori will send you the file and you can customize your own for FREE. Check it out here.

Tweet Deck– Many websites suggest software to bulk manage your accounts. For example, Tweet Deck, will allow you to post a status to all your major accounts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare). This is great for managing 20 different Twitter accounts, but I don’t suggest posting the same content on each medium.

iGoogle– One of the best tools I’ve found is igoogle and it’s FREE. Plus you don’t have to come up with another username and password, it’s just your gmail. I can look at my blogger, gmail, RSS feed, Twitter, Facebook and many other widgets I haven’t loaded yet.

I’ll help you swim to the surface of social media before you get bitten by defeat. To find out more about the author, Megan click here!

It’s Social Media Shark Week!

-By Megan Tegtmeyer


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Posted On 06 Jul 2013

LinkedIn Can Help You Find Your Next Job

linkedin-logo 1Looking for a career move? LinkedIn could be the answer! LinkedIn currently has over 200,000 million registered users and that number is growing quickly. Experts say it’s the fastest growing social media site on the planet. If you’re working, not working, own a business or about to graduate and need your first job there’s no better place to start than LinkedIn.

There’s a video called: 6 Tips to Improve Your Online Presentation.

There are lots of great advice in this video, so we’d like to share it with you…

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Posted On 03 Jun 2013