Music Celebrities Are Growing Fast on Facebook

Rihanna -

Rihanna –

The definition of a celebrity is: a famous or well-known person.  There are also many different categories of a celebrity such as: TV, movie, music, sports, political, Internet, YouTube, and so on. However, when it comes to the fastest growing celebrity segment on Facebook, music celebs kick butt. Looking at the top 10 celebrities with the most fans, 9 out 10 are from the music world. The only one not in music was Chistiano Ronaldo, the famous soccer player. Here’s the list:

1). Rihanna – 73,926,000+ fans

2). Eminem – 73,137,000+ fans

3). Shakira – 66,797,000+ fans

4). Michael Jackson – 61,251,000+ fans

5). Christiano Ronaldo – 59,184,000+ fans

6).  Lady Gaga – 58,274,000+ fans

7). Justin Bieber – 55,717,000+ fans

8). Katy Perry – 55,219,000+ fans

9). Linkin Park – 55,185,000+ fans

10). Beyonce – 49,232,000+ fans

However, the hottest celebrity on Facebook right now did not make it into the Top 10. He’s currently at number 15 and rising quickly. That celeb is music legend, Bob Marley at #15 with 45,034,000. His Facebook page is gaining more than 77,000 fans every day according to the Social Bakers site.

His music is now seeing a major revival. Yeah mon!

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Posted On 15 Jul 2013

Coffee Talk With Celebs In Social Media

Coffee drinker Mark Wahlberg -

Coffee drinker Mark Wahlberg –

There’s no doubt that one of the most universal beverages is coffee. Tea is also widely used, but its coffee that people crave the most. Sometimes people are so addicted to certain types of coffee they often tweet about it.

When it comes to celebrities, they love their coffee as much as the next guy. The paparazzi pay very close attention to each and every celeb they stalk because photos of them sipping their favorite beverages are also in huge demand. The beverage of choice is usually coffee. Do a search on Twitter or Pinterest and you’re likely to find tons of references and photos of celebs guzzling or sipping the finest rich Columbian brew.

Coffee companies should take notice and capitalize on these experiences and put to the marketing test. I know I would. Do you have favorite celeb who likes coffee? Do you know which brand or flavor they like best? Starbucks should be all over this one, right?


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Posted On 03 Jun 2013