How Pinterest Can Help Improve Your Life

by  By Amy Hourigan

Pinterest -

Pinterest –

I seriously wonder how we ever survived without the wonders of the Internet. We have access to information that we could spend a lifetime absorbing and never even penetrate the surface.

Our every thought and need is covered somewhere online. There is a website or blog covering every single thing you can imagine; recipes, house and garden, quotes, fashion, craft and blogs.

So how do we organise and contain all this information? How do we keep track of all our favourite ideas in one place?

Well my place of ___ Pinterest.

Pinterest is a virtual pinboard. It allows you to ‘pin’ your favourite web pages to your aesthetically pleasing pinboard. You can group your pins onto your pinboards by topic, making finding them again a breeze.

My Pinterest account’s most useful feature is my recipe pinboards. Note the plural. Not just one pinboard for recipes but several. My recipes are sorted into genres: Asian, paleo, clean eating, desserts, easy quick meals, birthday party treats and more. In fact, I got rid of most of my cookbooks as Pinterest has everything I need from the easiest pancake recipe to the most elaborate birthday cakes.

My kids are science mad so I have a pinboard dedicated to quick and easy science experiments that we can do from home. Instead of sifting through Google searches every time we want to make some science mess, I have loads of ideas all there ready for the science mood to hit (which it does at the most inopportune of moments).

Special thanks to Parent Well being for sharing this info. For more please click here.

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