I Love Pinterest – 5 Tips and Resources

By Nicolette Roux, The Blog Hangout

5-Pinterest-tips-and-resourcesToday I would like to share a few Tips and Resources I have found most helpful the last few months.

1. The Right Type of Content and Pictures.

If you are writing a post that you think is good for Pinterest traffic, make sure you have good clear instructions (if you are making something) AND good pictures that are bright, “happy” and just well pinnable.

You should add an image to every blog post, check out Flickr if you need to, remember to give credit and make sure you are not “stealing” images. Taller is better, Just take a look at what draws your attention when you browse Pinterest, the tiny pics you barely see or the bigger longer ones?

 2. Make Sure Your Blog is Pinterest Ready

Set up a handy “Pin” button near your image or in your share buttons, encouraging the visitor to pin. Having to look for a pin button will result in no pins! Checkout various plugins that add the hover pin on your images and be sure to add descriptive “alt” text on your images, this is what gets pinned.

This also goes for any images you pin from other blogs, make sure the description that you pin actually says what the pin is. Good for searches.

Visit the Pinterest goodies section here.

3. Pimp Your Pinterest

Make yourself a dedicated board for your blog and always pin your post there first then into other places. This is the “original pin” and what will get you some followers down the line.

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