Are Free Study Guides For Adobe Certification Exams Any Good?

ExamTraceThere are all kinds of free study guides out there for Adobe Certification Exams, but are they any good? Should you avoid them because you think you’ll get what you pay for? Here’s the skinny on free study guides for Adobe Certification Exams.


Take Them One At A Time

You can’t judge an entire group of study guides accurately. You have to take them one at a time and see how good they are. There are bound to be all kinds of free study guides ranging from the excellent to the abysmal. If you have the patience to sort through them all, then you may find some really good ones.


Complete Resources

Aside from the quality of the information, you need to look at how much information is provided. You want to check to see if any of these free study guides are complete resources or if they all merely provide selections of information that will be on the exam. Most free exams don’t contain everything you should know, but again, you have to take them one at a time.


Is A Free Study Guide Enough?

Free study guides are great, but you probably want to use some other resources, as well. Every Adobe Certification Exam is a big deal, so you don’t want to choose a study method solely because it is cheap. Free study guides can be great supplements to other resources if those other resources need a little help. There are good free study guides out there, but it is up to you to discover how good.

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