Hillary Clinton Sticks with Facebook Twitter and YouTube

Hillary_2016_Presidential_RaceOkay, the big 2016 presidential announcement is now officially in the books. Hillary Clinton is running for President in 2016. When the announcement took place, her staff posted a two-minute video to introduce her campaign and posted it on social media for the world to absorb it. A+ for effort and attention grabbing. After watching the video, people who are interested in learning more about Mrs. Clinton went to her website at www.hillaryclinton.com. Her website asks for your email address and zip code to join her on her journey. If you wanted to follow her through social media you probably also noticed the Facebook, Twitter and YouTube icons to the middle right of her website’s homepage. It looks like she’s sticking with the top three social media avenues and did not include: Pinterest, Google+ or Instagram. Does that mean that the other social media networks are not big enough or good enough to include in a presidential campaign? What about LinkedIn where millions of  U.S. business people congregate on a daily basis? Maybe there will be something included on these other social networks in the future, but for now she’s sticking with the big ones.


Do you think Hillary and other Presidential candidates should be promoting their campaigns on other social media networks as well? What do you think?

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Posted On 12 Apr 2015

Student Creates YouTube Video On Solving Rubik’s Cube

Solving Rubik's Cube - SocialMediaTAB.com

Solving Rubik’s Cube – SocialMediaTAB.com

Solving Rubik’s Cube has been one of the most fun and time-consuming toys ever produced. About 80% of the people who have tried to completely solve a Rubik’s Cube have not succeeded. So, a smart student at CMU by the name of Chris Barker, decided to take on the task of creating a 3-D engine for his Fundamentals of Programming and Computer Science term project. His goal was to create a program that would help anyone solve the cube. All you would have to do is hold your cube up to the cam on your computer and this program automatically matches the colored squares on your cube. Chris decided to post it on YouTube for everyone to see how it works. Check it out and let us know what you think.


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Posted On 21 Sep 2013

Is Justin Bieber The King of Social Media?

There are millions of statistics about the entertainment industry and social media, but when the two cross over, amazing things can happen.

Justin Bieber - SocialMediaTAB.com

Justin Bieber – SocialMediaTAB.com

Take Justin Bieber for an example. He’s probably one of the most widely known young pop music stars on the planet, right? Justin and his business entourage have done a lot of good things to grow his career, but social media may have played the biggest role. Justin knows that its his young female fans that have helped him get where he is today. Without them tweeting, liking, posting, instagraming and commenting on a daily basis, he might not have as big a career. Let’s take a look at Justin Bieber’s social media numbers and how that compares to other top celebs.


Justin’s Twitter Followers: over 41,800,000

Justin’s Facebook Likes: over 55,700,000

Justin’s YouTube Subscribers: over 5, 200,000

According to SocialBakers.com stats, Justin’s top 3 distribution of Facebook fans comes from United States at 15.4%, Indonesia at 11% and India at 11%.

Justin has been on  Twitter since 2009. Over the past four years, has sent out over 22,000 tweets. That averages out to over 400 tweets per month or more tan 14 tweets per day.  Consistency has certainly paid off with an astounding Twitter fanbase of more than 41 million followers. That number put him ahead of Katy Perry and Lady Gaga by more than 2.5 million followers. He gains more 1.4 million new Twitter followers every month. These numbers put Justin at the top of the heap making him the King of  Twitter celebs!

Here’s the Top 5 Twitter Celebrities according to SocialBakers.com

1. Justin Bieber- 41,833,000+

2. Katy Perry- 39,296,000+

3. Lady Gaga- 39,128,000+

4. Taylor Swift- 30,787,000+

5. Rihanna- 30,551,000+


However, Justin is lacking the numbers on Facebook to make him number one. Without much of a surprise, Rihanna has secured her spot as the Queen of Facebook Likes.

The Top 6 Facebook Celebrities according to SocialBakers.com

1. Rihanna- 73, 926,000+

2. Eminem- 73, 137,000+

3. Shakira- 66,797,000+

4. Michael Jackson- 61,203,000+

5. Lady Gaga- 58,274,000+

6. Justin Bieber- 55,717,00+

Do you think the order of these celebrity likes will continue or will someone else be moving up the charts?

What do you think will happen?

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Posted On 04 Jul 2013

Food Celebrity Videos Can Help You Cook A Meal

Running out of ideas to cook a meal? Lacking in the culinary area when it comes to meal time? Don’t worry, we have the answer: YouTube.

Many moms and yes, chefs to be, are now turning to YouTube for cooking ideas and step-by-step instructions on how to create your next delicious meal. One of the most famous chefs in the world, and currently has a popular TV series, is Chef Gordon Ramsay.

Chef Ramsay is a master of meals and can turn something simple into the most delicious thing you’ve ever tasted. Why? Experience! If you’d like to give some of his recipes a try, here are some videos we highly recommend.

Gordon Ramsay’s Scrambled Eggs


Chef Ramsay Cooks Tandoori Halibut

Chef Ramsay Creates a Delicious Broccoli Soup

Gordon Ramsay’s Salmon Recipe


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Posted On 03 Jun 2013