When Google+ Splits into Photos and Streams

googleplus-buttonWhen Google decides to change one of their brands, everyone in social media needs to be on alert. For example, Sundar Pichai, who is the senior VP of products at Google, told Forbes that plans are in place to split up the Google+ brand into two difference services. The two are said to be Photos and Streams. The Photos portion is probably going to be more like Instagram and the Streams will most likely be social media feeds and posts that you can send for Facebook, Twitter, etc.

The company has not made an official announcement yet, but when they do, it will be big news.

What are your thought on the current state of Google+?

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Posted On 12 Apr 2015

How to Market Your Product on Google+

googleplus-buttonAlthough Facebook remains the most popular social media site, Google+ is a very useful and effective channel for marketing a product.

In fact, it may not be fair to call Facebook a direct competitor of Google+ at all.

What separates Google+ from traditional social media is that it’s part of Google’s cumulative efforts to combine social media and search engine efforts, so they can generate the most accurate search results as possible. By having a prominent presence on Google+, a product can also rise in Google search results, which is a huge perk for any new venture.

While some social marketing strategies are successful regardless of the channel, the methods below are particularly useful for promoting a product on Google+.

Tailor Your Google+ Profile to Google’s Liking

Google is fond of infusing a profile’s “headshot” into wherever possible, whether it’s their search results or embeddable buttons.

As a result, you should try and capture an image that best defines your business or product. Convey the best brand image possible; if you’re a public speaker, use an actual headshot. If you’re promoting a product, use a professional image of the product. Since the headshot will be viewed in relatively small dimensions by many, avoid overflowing text within the image.

Instead, focus on the brand name (if necessary) and the actual product.  Also, make sure your profile is complete; your introduction should be an appealing description of your product’s benefits and where to find it, in addition to relevant links, verified location, and associated media (such as videos and image galleries).

Here’s a flawless example from 12 Keys Rehab with my annotations included:


This is how to brand a business Google+ page in a way that aligns with Google’s recommendations and your brand values.

Also, make sure the search visibility for your profile is on. A huge added benefit of Google+ business pages is that they will appear high in search engine results if they have enough engagement, leading us to…

Using Google+ Circles to Personalize Relationships with Customers and Leads


One of the best features of Google+ is the ability to organize contacts by circles.

You can sort Google+ connections by friends, co-workers, acquaintances, or any custom label. This is especially useful for tailoring to different demographics. On Google+, you can submit status updates to specific circles. So for example, if your business has clients on the East Coast and West Coast, and you wanted to appeal to the emotions of West Coasters by writing a post about the beauty of the Pacific Ocean, then you can set it so the message only appears to those in your West Coast circle.

This has multiple benefits for marketing a product, enabling a business to employ various marketing strategies dependent on a specific niche.

Claim Google Authorship and Write Blog Posts Regarding Your Product

Ever notice the headshots of authors that appear alongside of some Google search results?

These are authors that claimed Google authorship on their article or web site, connecting the specific page or site to their Google+ profile. Assuming you are the owner of a website or author of an article (and already have a Google+/Gmail account) you can sign up for Google authorship.

By establishing authorship, any blog posts you write about your product or its industry will appear more prominently in Google search results, giving your Google+ profile more exposure in return.

This is an overall easy way to provide more recognition for a product. Linking authorship should only take a few minutes.

Connect with People Using Google+ Hangouts

Businesses can hold public or private video conferences using Google+ Hangouts, where they can hold contests, seminars or anything relevant that may pique consumers’ interests in regard to their product.

Since this is linked up with Google+, it helps to have enough of a following to gather some actual backing for the hangout event. By posting about the Google+ Hangout on your web site and various social media channels, you can raise a product’s profile in addition to providing an opportunity for consumers and press to ask whatever questions they have on their mind.

By showcasing an open-minded, easily accessible and tech-savvy approach on their Google+ profile, businesses can achieve significant success in marketing their product on Google+.

About the Author: Jesse Aaron is a professional blogger with a passion for social media marketing.

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Posted On 08 Feb 2014

7 Powerful Google+ Tips for Local Businesses

Google+ LogoAs a local business, you have many priorities that come before using words like “social media” and “search ranking”.

But once you’re operations are running smoothly, whether you’re a local pizza shop or a sneaker store, it certainly helps to have Google on your side. Had Google+ (the social networking site that started two years ago in a desperate bid to compete with ever-growing Facebook) not been owned by the world’s most dominant search engine, it would probably be little more than a flash-in-the-pan memory by now.

Instead Google has managed an admirable feat. While Google+ is not the social influencer that Facebook and Twitter have become, it has turned into something equally valuable: a great resource for businesses.

Google rewards businesses that post on Google+ with higher search rankings. The more active your business, the higher your ranking climbs, which is especially valuable for local searches where you have fewer competitors battling for results. Here are seven tips for helping your business thrive by using Google+.

1. Fill Out All Your Information

You’ve surely seen information about a business you’re searching for pop up on the right side of your Google search results. You can thank Google+ for that. By filling out all of the information that’s asked for on the Google+ page, including the address, phone number and hours of your establishment, your business can also get slotted to the right side searches, delivering all the relevant information someone is looking for without forcing them to click anywhere else. Talk about convenience.

2. Optimize Your Post’s Title

Google+ makes the first sentence of your post into the title of your post as well. Because everyone has been drilled in the art of SEO, you know that it’s essential to make your title something smart, relevant and interesting that will draw a lot of clicks. For example, say your business makes party hats. If you title a post, “Party hats are a lot of fun,” you probably won’t get a lot of hits.

But if you title it, “Six unexpected uses for party hats,” you’re much more likely to get click-throughs. Also be sure to pepper your first sentence with keywords.

3. Utilize Hangouts

One of the unique features of Google+ is Hangouts, where you can “hang out” with your customers in real time. Schedule times for different employees to be on the social network for face time with potential or longtime customers. Pick different topics to address each session. Have you had a lot of feedback about your slow-loading web page or many requests for a certain product that you haven’t reordered since Easter? Address those concerns during Hangouts.

It also goes a long way toward putting a face to your business, which, again, attracts customers looking for a personal touch.

4. Review Other Businesses

When people do geo-based searches, Google now pops up a local carousel that lists all possible results, along with photos of the businesses. Of course, it’s great to get your business listing into that carousel, because it is so eye-catching. But you can also draw additional traffic to your site by appearing as one of the reviewers quoted in articles about those businesses.

Turn your Google+ page into a mini review site, offering your take on other local establishments to help surfers in their quest for local information. Be honest, but limit your reviews largely to places you feel good about endorsing so that you’re not bashing other local businesses. Your reviews will show up with your business’s name attached, leading to click-throughs.

googleplus-button5. Include a ‘+1’ Button

Yep, this sounds like an obvious tip, but you’d be surprised how many businesses do not employ it. Just as you undoubtedly have a Facebook and a Twitter button on your web site allowing people to find you easily on social media, put a Google+ “+1” button on as well.

Also include this on your site’s pages where you post information and news, so that your customers can easily share it across Google+.

6. Seek Out Influential Local Contacts

People who wield local influence are great ways to spread the word about your business on Google+. Find the names of the local chamber of commerce head, the local newspaper publisher and local bloggers.

Make sure you are connected with them on Google+, where you can share content ranging from dates for upcoming events to sales, in the hopes they’ll pass some of it along to their followers. Mentioning them by name in a post is a good idea too.

7. Enable Authorship

If you have not done this already, be sure to enable authorship for everyone who posts to your Google+ account. This essentially gives each post a personal touch. It lets browsers know who wrote the item, which is useful for small businesses trying to establish community connections. But it’s also an effective search engine optimization (SEO) tactic.

Studies have shown that no matter where a story shows up on a page, it is more likely to be clicked on if it includes authorship. This may be because in an age of so much computer-generated information, it’s reassuring to see an actual person behind information on the web.

About the Author: Jesse Aaron is a professional blogger with a passion for social media marketing. Jesse enjoys gardening and stresses proper deer control for sustaining a healthy garden.

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Posted On 25 Nov 2013

Social Media Makes the World a Smaller Place

Social Media Around the World - SocialMediaTAB.com

Social Media Around the World – SocialMediaTAB.com

New York, Hong Kong, Australia, London, Tokyo, Brazil and anywhere else in the world, people are posting and reading information via social media sites. The fastest way people are finding out about something is usually sites like Twitter, Facebook, GooglePlus and LinkedIn. Those are the big boys of social media.

Twitter, with its ticker tape type of news feed usually scores the highest when it comes to the latest news and events. Why? It’s very easy to jump on a mobile device, click on your Twitter feed and post something. It’s that easy. YouTube would probably be fast outlet too, but it takes close to an hour to post a 2 minute video.

Facebook, GooglePlus and LinkedIn are also been great outlets for the latest big news of the day, but they that info usually comes from other news sites that posted an article and then generated via a social media URL link.

What do you think about today’s social media news. Is Twitter your choice of posting and reading or do you prefer another site?


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Posted On 03 Jun 2013