Meerkat Adds New Feature called Cameo

Meerkat-logoThe live-streaming social media video app, Meerkat, has announced a major update this week. The company has added a new feature called Cameo which let’s you make a 60-second video cameo appearance during someone’s live video stream. This new feature now sets Meerkat apart from its competitor, Periscope. However, that’s not all that Meerkat has announced. They pulled another rabbit out of their hat by giving everyone the ability to connect their Facebook account to Meerkat instead of Twitter. Why the big change? Well, the main reason could be that Periscope is owned by Twitter and they could be trying to cut ties with a competitor. We’ll have to wait to see how it all pans out.

Live Meerkat stream

Live Meerkat stream

In the meantime, you now have more reasons to give Meerkat a try. If you do, email us back at and let us know what you think of Meerkat. If you would like to write a report on your experience, we would love to feature you on our website.


Posted On 15 Jul 2015

Exclusive Interview with Doctors 2.0 & You Promoter, Denise Silber

The biggest healthcare social media event is happening June 4-5, 2015 in Paris, France.
By Doug Kale


Denise Silber, Doctors 2.0 & You Promoter

The Doctors 2.0 & You conference is both informative and unique because it mashes together healthcare and social media into one brilliant collaborative event in Paris, France. It was ahead of its time when in first launched five years ago, and it’s still evolving along with today’s technology.

Denise Silber, the event’s creator and promoter states the following about Doctors 2.0, “Our goal is to identify the ways in which the inclusion of health 2.0 tools and social media platforms can improve care and translate this into the words of a manifesto.” The site goes on to list 95 points of the manifesto and it’s something we should all read and soak in.
Although Ms. Silber has been very busy getting ready for her upcoming 2015 Doctors 2.0 & You event in Paris (June 4 and 5, 2015), we were able to catch a few minutes of her time.

Social Media Tab: Can you tell us a little about Doctors 2.0 and your next conference?

Denise Silber: Doctors 2.0 & You is going on it’s 5th edition. Our subtitle is “Innovative. Insightful. Inspiring, Doctors 2.0 & You is THE international digital health event.”Doctors20_2015_Happy_New_Year_Card

We bring together patients, professionals, managers from healthcare and tech, and even government from around the world.That’s why there is the “And You”…Whomever you are, if you’re in the health space, “you” can be involved.

The conference was one of the earliest to be “patient-inclusive,” meaning that patients are speakers, participants, part of the brainstorming, etc.

A few more points about this beloved conference. The speakers are fantastic…they are creative, humble, passionate about what they do.

I love to interview them before we make our decisions and I’d say that they become friends…By the time we meet in person at the event, we’ve had a fair bit of communication. We follow each other on social media. And it’s “profound.”

For example, this time we are going to have an amazing physician from the Philippines speaking. When her workfriends found out she’s coming, they went crazy with joy for her. It’s her dream to speak at Doctors 2.0 & You. She organized tweetchats from the Philippines, based on ours.


Social Media Tab: So, what are the hot topics?

doctors-20-and-you-2Denise Silber: Well, Doug, the funny thing, is that every time we turn around, there’s something new to add to the conference and yet, we can’t get rid of the earlier themes, because they are also evolving.
So, we’ll again be talking about social media and communities and mobile apps.
Google Glass was really hot in June 2014 and we have to talk about it, but in a different way, because of the shift around the product.

And now, we’re going to make space for artificial intelligence, like with IBM Watson, and Big Data and even more than before, talk about connected objects.


Social Media Tab: Which social media platforms do you use to promote Doctors 2.0?

Denise Silber: The usual suspects: Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google+, but also Lanyrd which is for events.


Social Media Tab: We recently spotted you on twitter during a Tweetchat and noticed that you were trending on Twitter’s Top 10 in the US. Can you tell us about that and what you did to promote the chat?

Denise Silber: We are very fortunate promotionwise. Our fans are very excited about our events and they share and share information about the conference and our events. We leave at least two weeks lead to get people informed about a Tweetchat.

Social Media Tab: Since Doctors 2.0 brings together healthcare representatives from around the world, how do you see social media making an impact in the medical field?

Denise Silber: Social media is making an impact. Doctors are communicating with their peers much more regularly about news and about medical questions.
Patients are finding support from people like themselves. And we’ll be talking about the dialogue between patients and physicians, which we think is beginning to happen.

Social Media Tab: What social media advice could you give to people in healthcare who may not have heard of or tweeted in a Doctors 2.0 Tweetchat?

Denise Silber: They should definitely try one and if they can’t make it, we’ve got our transcripts up on our site. Search on transcript in our search box.

Michael-WeissSocial Media Tab: How often do you set up Tweetchats and when can we look forward to your next one?
Denise Silber: We recently had a Tweetchat about the impact of healthcare social media on the patient-doctor relationship.
We had an amazing guy named Michael Weiss from New Jersey that moderated the Tweetchat. He’s @hospitalpatient Check him out
He’s got a law degree, he’s really funny, he’s a fulltime patient and he knows a ton about producing video..How’s that for talent?

Follow us at @doctors20 on Twitter to find out when our next Tweetchat will be happening.

Social Media Tab: Thank you very much for the interview, Denise, and we wish you much success with Doctors 2.0 & You. For more information on Doctors 2.0 and the upcoming event, go to: .

Posted On 27 May 2015

Hillary Clinton Sticks with Facebook Twitter and YouTube

Hillary_2016_Presidential_RaceOkay, the big 2016 presidential announcement is now officially in the books. Hillary Clinton is running for President in 2016. When the announcement took place, her staff posted a two-minute video to introduce her campaign and posted it on social media for the world to absorb it. A+ for effort and attention grabbing. After watching the video, people who are interested in learning more about Mrs. Clinton went to her website at Her website asks for your email address and zip code to join her on her journey. If you wanted to follow her through social media you probably also noticed the Facebook, Twitter and YouTube icons to the middle right of her website’s homepage. It looks like she’s sticking with the top three social media avenues and did not include: Pinterest, Google+ or Instagram. Does that mean that the other social media networks are not big enough or good enough to include in a presidential campaign? What about LinkedIn where millions of  U.S. business people congregate on a daily basis? Maybe there will be something included on these other social networks in the future, but for now she’s sticking with the big ones.


Do you think Hillary and other Presidential candidates should be promoting their campaigns on other social media networks as well? What do you think?

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Posted On 12 Apr 2015

When Google+ Splits into Photos and Streams

googleplus-buttonWhen Google decides to change one of their brands, everyone in social media needs to be on alert. For example, Sundar Pichai, who is the senior VP of products at Google, told Forbes that plans are in place to split up the Google+ brand into two difference services. The two are said to be Photos and Streams. The Photos portion is probably going to be more like Instagram and the Streams will most likely be social media feeds and posts that you can send for Facebook, Twitter, etc.

The company has not made an official announcement yet, but when they do, it will be big news.

What are your thought on the current state of Google+?

Comment here or email us at


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Posted On 12 Apr 2015

Katy Perry vs Taylor Swift on Twitter

Katy_Perry_TwitterWell the numbers don’t lie. Katy Perry is currently sitting on top of the Twitter world with more followers than Justin Bieber, Barack Obama, and most importantly, Taylor Swift. We’ve all heard about the feud going on between Katy and Taylor, right? Katy definitely has more followers than Taylor. She has more than 12 Million followers than Taylor and those numbers keep coming in every day.

Here are the numbers for the top 10 Twitter mavens as of April 8, 2015:

1. Katy Perry – 68,096,000 followers

2. Justin Bieber – 62, 506,000 followers

3. Barack Obama – 57, 733,000 followers

4. Taylor Swift – 55, 811,000 followers

5. YouTube – 50, 030,000 followers

6. Lady Gaga – 45, 552,000 followers

7. Justin Timberlake – 44,085,000 followers

8. Rihanna – 43,521,000 followers

9. Ellen DeGeneres – 41,982,000 followers

10. Britney Spears – 41,433,000 followers


Who do you think will make it to the top 10 in 2016?


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Posted On 08 Apr 2015

How to Market Your Product on Google+

googleplus-buttonAlthough Facebook remains the most popular social media site, Google+ is a very useful and effective channel for marketing a product.

In fact, it may not be fair to call Facebook a direct competitor of Google+ at all.

What separates Google+ from traditional social media is that it’s part of Google’s cumulative efforts to combine social media and search engine efforts, so they can generate the most accurate search results as possible. By having a prominent presence on Google+, a product can also rise in Google search results, which is a huge perk for any new venture.

While some social marketing strategies are successful regardless of the channel, the methods below are particularly useful for promoting a product on Google+.

Tailor Your Google+ Profile to Google’s Liking

Google is fond of infusing a profile’s “headshot” into wherever possible, whether it’s their search results or embeddable buttons.

As a result, you should try and capture an image that best defines your business or product. Convey the best brand image possible; if you’re a public speaker, use an actual headshot. If you’re promoting a product, use a professional image of the product. Since the headshot will be viewed in relatively small dimensions by many, avoid overflowing text within the image.

Instead, focus on the brand name (if necessary) and the actual product.  Also, make sure your profile is complete; your introduction should be an appealing description of your product’s benefits and where to find it, in addition to relevant links, verified location, and associated media (such as videos and image galleries).

Here’s a flawless example from 12 Keys Rehab with my annotations included:


This is how to brand a business Google+ page in a way that aligns with Google’s recommendations and your brand values.

Also, make sure the search visibility for your profile is on. A huge added benefit of Google+ business pages is that they will appear high in search engine results if they have enough engagement, leading us to…

Using Google+ Circles to Personalize Relationships with Customers and Leads


One of the best features of Google+ is the ability to organize contacts by circles.

You can sort Google+ connections by friends, co-workers, acquaintances, or any custom label. This is especially useful for tailoring to different demographics. On Google+, you can submit status updates to specific circles. So for example, if your business has clients on the East Coast and West Coast, and you wanted to appeal to the emotions of West Coasters by writing a post about the beauty of the Pacific Ocean, then you can set it so the message only appears to those in your West Coast circle.

This has multiple benefits for marketing a product, enabling a business to employ various marketing strategies dependent on a specific niche.

Claim Google Authorship and Write Blog Posts Regarding Your Product

Ever notice the headshots of authors that appear alongside of some Google search results?

These are authors that claimed Google authorship on their article or web site, connecting the specific page or site to their Google+ profile. Assuming you are the owner of a website or author of an article (and already have a Google+/Gmail account) you can sign up for Google authorship.

By establishing authorship, any blog posts you write about your product or its industry will appear more prominently in Google search results, giving your Google+ profile more exposure in return.

This is an overall easy way to provide more recognition for a product. Linking authorship should only take a few minutes.

Connect with People Using Google+ Hangouts

Businesses can hold public or private video conferences using Google+ Hangouts, where they can hold contests, seminars or anything relevant that may pique consumers’ interests in regard to their product.

Since this is linked up with Google+, it helps to have enough of a following to gather some actual backing for the hangout event. By posting about the Google+ Hangout on your web site and various social media channels, you can raise a product’s profile in addition to providing an opportunity for consumers and press to ask whatever questions they have on their mind.

By showcasing an open-minded, easily accessible and tech-savvy approach on their Google+ profile, businesses can achieve significant success in marketing their product on Google+.

About the Author: Jesse Aaron is a professional blogger with a passion for social media marketing.

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Posted On 08 Feb 2014

New Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Has to Up His Social Media Posts

04_thThe newly appointed CEO of Microsoft Corp is Satya Nadella. He was Microsoft’s cloud head and has proven himself to be a good leader. In a recent interview with India’s Deccan Chronicle, Mr. Nadella said that he learned a lot about leadership by playing cricket. Taking charge in sports can help one’s self-esteem. It will be interesting to see how he takes his life experiences and applies it to a technology giant.

In the meantime, Mr. Nadella has stated that he will be making some changes right away. One of them he posted right on his Twitter account. It reads as follows:

Satya Nadella ‏@satyanadella  15h “first commitment as CEO…i won’t wait 4 years between tweets!”
This is very good advice, since he will be closely monitored by the world and social media in general.
* What do you think his first steps should be as the new CEO of Microsoft?

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Posted On 05 Feb 2014

Amazing Photos From Around the World on Instagram

JMullenInstagramWith over 150 million people on Instagram snapping photos, we’re bound to see some amazing imagery, right? YES! There are so many interesting photos being shared with people, it’s like you’re right there with them in that special moment. One such talented Instagrammer is CNN journalist, Jethro Mullen, in Hong Kong. Jethro has been taking pictures of architecture, skyscrapers, places and events all around Hong Kong and beyond and has been posting his photos on Instagram for everyone to see. So, Social Media TAB checked back into Jethro’s Instagram page to see how things we’re going and we were amazed at his progress. Here are some images you can find on Jethro’s Instagram page.JMullen2InstagramJMullen3Instagram

Which one is your favorite? AND, if you have an Instagram page and would like to share your link with us, please email us at

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Posted On 29 Dec 2013

Instagram Announces New Feature Called DIRECT

InstagramDIRECTInstagram has announced a new feature called Instagram Direct. This is a new way to send photos and videos to your closest friends and family instantly. Instagram now has over 150 million users snapping photos of people, places and just about everything else. So, now if you want to send a special image or share something personal or an inside joke, you can now click DIRECT on your Instagram screen and that image will only go to a select group of people. I guess you could call this your inner circle of friends. Do you think this will help revolutionize the Instagram app? Do you think you’ll be using with your closest friends or family members? Let us know. The best comments will be featured on our Twitter page.


Here’s the Instagram link to their Direct video.

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Posted On 29 Dec 2013

Duck Dynasty Star Phil Robertson is Stirring Up Controversy on Social Media

DuckDynastyDo watch Duck Dynasty? Or better yet, did you ever watch Duck Dynasty? If so, you know what these guys are all about. They speak their mind. Recently, Phil Robertson, the dad on the show, gave an interview for GQ Magazine and said some very tough comments about gay people. What do you think about his comments? What do you think about him getting kicked off the show? People all over social media are talking about it. Some are saying “his departure will kill the show” or “all of their merchandise is now going to be worth less.” People on auction sites are now trying to sell off their autographed Duck Dynasty photos (as seen on this page). What’s your take on this situation?


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Posted On 19 Dec 2013