How to Market Your Product on Google+

googleplus-buttonAlthough Facebook remains the most popular social media site, Google+ is a very useful and effective channel for marketing a product.

In fact, it may not be fair to call Facebook a direct competitor of Google+ at all.

What separates Google+ from traditional social media is that it’s part of Google’s cumulative efforts to combine social media and search engine efforts, so they can generate the most accurate search results as possible. By having a prominent presence on Google+, a product can also rise in Google search results, which is a huge perk for any new venture.

While some social marketing strategies are successful regardless of the channel, the methods below are particularly useful for promoting a product on Google+.

Tailor Your Google+ Profile to Google’s Liking

Google is fond of infusing a profile’s “headshot” into wherever possible, whether it’s their search results or embeddable buttons.

As a result, you should try and capture an image that best defines your business or product. Convey the best brand image possible; if you’re a public speaker, use an actual headshot. If you’re promoting a product, use a professional image of the product. Since the headshot will be viewed in relatively small dimensions by many, avoid overflowing text within the image.

Instead, focus on the brand name (if necessary) and the actual product.  Also, make sure your profile is complete; your introduction should be an appealing description of your product’s benefits and where to find it, in addition to relevant links, verified location, and associated media (such as videos and image galleries).

Here’s a flawless example from 12 Keys Rehab with my annotations included:


This is how to brand a business Google+ page in a way that aligns with Google’s recommendations and your brand values.

Also, make sure the search visibility for your profile is on. A huge added benefit of Google+ business pages is that they will appear high in search engine results if they have enough engagement, leading us to…

Using Google+ Circles to Personalize Relationships with Customers and Leads


One of the best features of Google+ is the ability to organize contacts by circles.

You can sort Google+ connections by friends, co-workers, acquaintances, or any custom label. This is especially useful for tailoring to different demographics. On Google+, you can submit status updates to specific circles. So for example, if your business has clients on the East Coast and West Coast, and you wanted to appeal to the emotions of West Coasters by writing a post about the beauty of the Pacific Ocean, then you can set it so the message only appears to those in your West Coast circle.

This has multiple benefits for marketing a product, enabling a business to employ various marketing strategies dependent on a specific niche.

Claim Google Authorship and Write Blog Posts Regarding Your Product

Ever notice the headshots of authors that appear alongside of some Google search results?

These are authors that claimed Google authorship on their article or web site, connecting the specific page or site to their Google+ profile. Assuming you are the owner of a website or author of an article (and already have a Google+/Gmail account) you can sign up for Google authorship.

By establishing authorship, any blog posts you write about your product or its industry will appear more prominently in Google search results, giving your Google+ profile more exposure in return.

This is an overall easy way to provide more recognition for a product. Linking authorship should only take a few minutes.

Connect with People Using Google+ Hangouts

Businesses can hold public or private video conferences using Google+ Hangouts, where they can hold contests, seminars or anything relevant that may pique consumers’ interests in regard to their product.

Since this is linked up with Google+, it helps to have enough of a following to gather some actual backing for the hangout event. By posting about the Google+ Hangout on your web site and various social media channels, you can raise a product’s profile in addition to providing an opportunity for consumers and press to ask whatever questions they have on their mind.

By showcasing an open-minded, easily accessible and tech-savvy approach on their Google+ profile, businesses can achieve significant success in marketing their product on Google+.

About the Author: Jesse Aaron is a professional blogger with a passion for social media marketing.

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Posted On 08 Feb 2014

New Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Has to Up His Social Media Posts

04_thThe newly appointed CEO of Microsoft Corp is Satya Nadella. He was Microsoft’s cloud head and has proven himself to be a good leader. In a recent interview with India’s Deccan Chronicle, Mr. Nadella said that he learned a lot about leadership by playing cricket. Taking charge in sports can help one’s self-esteem. It will be interesting to see how he takes his life experiences and applies it to a technology giant.

In the meantime, Mr. Nadella has stated that he will be making some changes right away. One of them he posted right on his Twitter account. It reads as follows:

Satya Nadella ‏@satyanadella  15h “first commitment as CEO…i won’t wait 4 years between tweets!”
This is very good advice, since he will be closely monitored by the world and social media in general.
* What do you think his first steps should be as the new CEO of Microsoft?

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Posted On 05 Feb 2014